Makers of Lab Grown CVD Diamonds

CVD’s are REAL Diamonds made by exactly replicating the natural diamond creation process from under the surface of the earth.

The Benefits

No Mining

Having grown in labs with zero connection to mining, the earth remains free of manipulations.

Price Range

Without any mining costs these diamonds are less expensive bearing the same purity

Happy Customer

This obviously helps the end customer who gets the best purity diamond at a reasonable price

CVD Diamond Process

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Fact Check

CVD diamonds are created by recreating the conditions underneath the Earth
CVD Diamonds are atomically identical to natural ones having similar physical, optical and chemical properties
Lab-grown diamonds do not fade, discolor and sparkle for a long time
CVD Diamonds are pure crystalline carbon, nitrogen-free and have exact same composition as the natural diamonds
CVD Diamonds generally have a better shine, brightness, and luster

Sustainable Future

As an estimate 1 Carat of CVD diamond saves upto 100 gallons of water or 200 tonnes of land. And in comparison each year more then 100 millions carats of natural diamond causes a waste of about 10 billion gallons of Water or 30 billion tonnes of land.

1 Carat CVD Diamond can save upto:

Gallons of WATER

Tonnes of LAND


of your MONEY

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